Summer Learning

Make An Impact This Summer -

It's a great time to get ahead for next year.

Summer at Kids Consult is all about cool ways to keep your child engaged in learning

  • Creative Writing Academy
  • Maths Edge
  • Robotic Camps
  • Tutoring in Math, Reading and Writing
Get your children ready for the next class!!!
Don't wait! Our summer activities fill up quickly.

If your child could design a perfect summer schedule, it will probably include a lot of new playmates, fun things to do daily, exciting trips & excursions and ultimately, success in his/her academics. At Kids Consult, Lekki, we have planned an ideal summer program with your child in mind. Don’t miss this exhilarating summer experience!

Kids Consult’s “Summer to Discover 2016” will ensure that your child’s break from school is not a break from learning. We keep the momentum going. At Kids Consult Lekki, students continue to explore, discover, create, learn and also have fun. Why? – It is summer time!

Children who enrol in our summer programs benefit by: • Getting ahead with new skills and inspired mind-set
• Maintaining an educational routine
• Being prepared for secondary school entrance exams
• Catching up at a comfortable pace
• Realizing that learning is part of life, not just part of school
• Math, reading, writing, and study skills – you and your child will be amazed at how much they improve in just a short time.

By attending Kids Consult Summer School, students head back to school in September 2023 informed, motivated, and ready to hit the ground running from day one! Detailed day-to-day plan available for Parents at Kids Consult Educational Center upon completion of Summer School registration.

Summer School Registration Form

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