Dynamic Assessment

Road Map to Success in School and Life

We use our Dynamic Assessment™ to assess how your child learns.

But what is a DA?

Simply put, it’s the best way to assess your child’s skills.

The test is dynamic because:
1. It is the best tool available for telling us about a child’s potential
2. Countless hours of research went into building our test—and nobody else uses one like it!
3. Nothing paints us a better picture of where your child could be than the DA
4. The DA focuses on the future, and potential (because the past is behind us—we like to look ahead!)
5. Dynamic means interactive and fun. Our test makes sure there is no stress, no anxiety—it’s safe for your child to open up and show us what he is capable of. We even laugh during the test — laughing? During a test? Definitely!
6. We use the results to build a program specifically tailored to their needs, then all that’s left is to watch your child soar to success!

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