Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can Kids Consult Help My Child?
    Kids Consult Educational Center offers your child a supportive learning environment run by professional tutors. At our Center, your child gets the individualized help that he or she needs to improve in school. Our highly experienced tutors reinforce what your child learned in the classroom. Kids Consult also offers intensive classes to prepare your children for secondary school exams into top secondary schools of choice.
    What Kind of Environment Can I Expect?
    Kids Consult has a comfortable environment in which your child can learn in a social, interactive atmosphere. We usually operate by learning in small groups. However, we also offer one-on-one help.
    How Can I Figure Out What My Child Needs?
    Kids Consult can be help you to identify precisely what your child needs. At Kids Consult, we have a teacher-approved methodology that delivers results. We have successfully tutored hundreds of children for standardized tests and have delivered the best results.

    We offer a highly customized, systematic approach to exam preparation. Regardless of what exam your child is preparing for, our process always starts with an initial assessment or a diagnostic. Based on the assessment or diagnostic results, we create a personalized curriculum to compliment the child’s strengths and support his or her weaknesses. Our test preparation carefully pairs our clients up with a tutor based on the child’s ability level and we continuously adjust the curriculum to fit the child’s current needs and assess to track his or her progress. Our test/exam preparation also comprises of one-on-one tutoring sessions and take place at our center. We are currently offering test preparation for 2016/2017 entrance exams as well as for a few specific tests such as SAT and IGCSE.