Entrance Exam Prep

The Best Results Come From The Best Prep

From Nigerian Curriculum School exams to British Curriculum School exams – We have got you covered.
Kids Consult has entrance exam prep programs for every year 5/6 pupil.
Secondary School Entrance Exam Prep

Important exams shouldn’t be a game of chance. We guide students to success with test prep programs, test taking strategies, time management skills and academic knowledge through highly trained tutors.

Kids Consult helps students score higher on Secondary School entrance and scholarship exams.

Higher Scores can mean better schools, more scholarship opportunities and more career choices in the future.
Hundreds of students have achieved success in our test prep programs.

Kids Consult’s entrance exam prep program is designed to help Year 5/6 students gain admission to highly rated secondary schools but also to teach thinking and learning skills they will use for years.

Thrice weekly and weekend classes are currently ongoing for different British/ Nigerian Curriculum Secondary School exams for the 2018/2019 academic session. An early start and consistent attendance at Kids Consult is important for success.