15 August 2016
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15 August 2016, Comments: 0

The Primary school years teach kids about so much more than school subjects. During these years, students learn other important school lessons such as motivation, accomplishment, hard work and collaboration. They also learn lessons like struggle, disappointment etc.

From young kids heading into their first day in Year One to Ten year old children preparing for Secondary school, the most important lesson that Primary school students need to learn is that learning is exciting and rewarding.

That’s what Kids Consult’s Primary Tutors teach.

Get your child ready for the new school year with our Back to School Academic Assessment that offers unparalleled insight into your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses as well as his/her attitudes about school and learning.

Kids Consult uses a combination of skill assessments, observations and attitude surveys to really get to know your child.

The outcome? We can find the best areas to target to set up your child for an awesome new school year!

Regular after school classes continue on the 5th of September on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (4.30pm-6.30pm) and Saturdays (9am-1pm)

Book a 4-hour Academic Assessment today! – Available on all Saturdays in September.

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