15 August 2016
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15 August 2016, Comments: 0

Kids Consult Lekki was founded on the principle of enabling students to reach their full potential. Since 2009, our individualized programs have helped students become excited about learning, experience academic success and ultimately embrace their future. Our programs which serve the needs of students from Early Years through Key Stage 2 include:

  • Reading Readiness and Phonics
    Programs geared towards preparing students for a lifelong love of reading.
  • Reading Comprehension and Reading Rate
    Programs designed to help students get through reading assignments in a minimum amount of time, while retaining the maximum amount of information.
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, English and Creative Writing
    Programs to help students either improve on or develop skills in these critical areas.
  • Mathematics
    Programs to help students overcome “ math phobia’ and become proficient in subjects such as arithmetic, pre-algebra, geometry and mental maths.
  • Study Skills, Time budgeting and Organizational Skills
    Programs geared towards preparing students to learn the study skills necessary for success in school and in life.
  • Secondary School Entrance Examination & SAT Preparation
    Strategy based instruction, offered on a 1-1 basis, tailored to students’ strengths and weaknesses. Students are exposed to past question papers from reputable schools and gain valuable insights on how to pass the entrance examinations to their schools of choice successfully.
  • School Interviews
    Instruction to help students prepare for and excel during interviews and tests for admission into Schools.
  • School Selection Consultation
    Kids Consult helps parents choose and apply to the best secondary schools for their children and teach students how to truly distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants, thus increasing their potential for acceptance to their top choices.
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